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All our technicians are experienced and certified to ensure the highest quality service. In addition, we are bonded and insured to offer our services to both commercial and industrial clients.

All our employees have Québec construction certificates, as well as the appropriate asbestos decontamination certificates.


To guide you in the analysis and execution phase, according to your needs
Guarantee everyone’s safety on the worksite
Lower the withdrawal times to optimise the profitability of your property assets
Efficient coordination of our operations


Mandatory certificate and accreditation

Responsibility insurance

Lifetime guaranteed and certified work


Asbestos decontamination services :

Whether your project is big or small our quality team of experienced professionals will be able to help you.

Our asbestos removal services are offered to general contractors, insurers and individuals.


What makes us different?

We intervene on all types of projects, whether it is the asbestos removal of a wall or complete decontamination of a building.

That is why we use cutting-edge technology and we respect all the current norms and regulations established by the CNESST and Health Canada.

In addition, we take all the necessary precautions to guarantee the safety of both the workers and the occupants due to the high toxicity of asbestos.



We guarantee the highest standards in quality for a thorough decontamination of the premises!

What is the process of asbestos decontamination ?

Analysis of the premises

Vermiculite and asbestos testing and sample collection. It’s quick and precise !

Protection of the premises

Removal of non-contaminated objects. Sealed protective partitions are installed safely.

Safe removal & Decontamination

Safe removal and demolition of contaminated material. Asbestos and waste removal.

Cleaning and re-insultation

Deep cleaning. New, more effective insulation, therefore higher energy savings !

Final inspection

Examination of the treated areas to ensure thorough decontamination.

Trust your asbestos decontamination needs to the professionals.

Effective and permanent solutions!

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